A Border’s fur needs to be brushed twice a week and daily during the shedding season. Throw in a mesmerizing color pattern on an incredibly intelligent and hardworking canine, and the combination is simply remarkable! Collies that are blue merle will have the distinctive black and white mottled or dappled effect that you would expect from any ‘merle’ dog. Borders are known for their high energy levels and willingness to work with humans. On average, that’s a quarter of the litter. Zipaquirá, Cundinamarca Hoy. Border Collies have a life span ranging from 10 -17 years, a male can weigh between 30- 45lbs and females weighing between 27 -42lbs. BorderCollieHealth.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Contact Us Rising Sun Farm – Planned Border Collie Breedings. But it’s vital that anyone adopting, rescuing or buying a blue merle Border Collie gets them fully check over by a vet. Blue Merle Border Collie. On average, a Border Collie’s lifespan is 12 years. Our family dog has had a beautiful litter of Blue Merle Border Collie puppies. Does the unique hue inform the dogs’ attitudes and personality in any way…? Blue Merle und; Tricolor, wobei die Fellfarbe Weiß nie überwiegen soll. In 4 Kategorien wurden insgesamt 14 Border Collie-Inserate gefunden: . They will be use to children, other animals, farm noises and the general business of every day life. So expect your blue merle Border Collie to be. Sometimes, they can have a tricolor or tan spots on their faces and legs. Blue merle Border Collie breeders, as we’ve touched upon, should avoid breeding merles with one another. This breed may be a medium-sized dog, but they require higher calories to support their high energy levels. This proves that whether it’s a blue merle Border Collie or one with a different color, marking, or pattern, they’re a brilliant breed that can learn all kinds of skills and talents you teach them. Allen ... 100,-D-58239 Schwerte. We produce the highest quality border collie pets that excel in agility, rally, obedience, search and rescue, therapy relief and much more.But first and foremost our wonderful pups provide lifelong family devotion and companionship! Borders are known for their high energy levels and willingness to work with humans. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. Wir suchen einen … Collies have an innate herding instinct that has made them perfect for working on farms, keeping livestock under control. Owners absolutely must be prepared to adapt their lives around the special needs of such animals. Eye color varies from brown to blue, and occasionally eyes of differing color occur; this is usually seen with merles. It’s the term used to call the recessive dilute gene. Tan-farbene Abzeichen können bei allen Varianten vorkommen. puppylove42 - 8 week old pure bred border collie puppies looking for their forever home. Er ist ein Traum von Hund und hat den nötigen Ausgleich zwischen Trieb bei der Arbeit und Ruhe zuhause. Hallo zusammen! Unisex … Healthy Border Collie puppies Breeder of Quality puppies, and Temperament With 10+ years of experience in raising Border Collies, we at White Diamond Border Collie take pride in knowing that our animals are the best of the breed standards. These dogs have a much greater chance of developing some quite serious health issues. It was recognized and termed as merle in the early 2000s, but it has been visible in different dog breeds for years. Our aim from the start has been and still is to breed soundness and good temperaments into our dogs. Their double-layered coat is beneficial for protecting this breed from hot and cold weather, but they still shed, especially when they’re shedding that winter coat. Er ist 2 Jahre alt, wiegt 23 kg und ist topfit (gesund)und wird regelmäßig geimpft und entwurmt. Münden. destacan por calidad de pelo , expresiones muy bonitas y carácter firme y equilibrado . Cachorros de border collie en color negro y blanco ó merle ( blue merle, red merle) . Border Collie kaufen und verkaufen Tierheimhunde, Rassehunde, Mischlinge und Welpen Geprüfte Angebote aus Ihrer Umgebung Jetzt Traumhund finden auf edogs.de! Not that genetics are all that simple to understand, of course! Their coat is white with gray, black, or brown spots on their head, body, and/or tail. The coat doesn’t impact the dog’s ability to learn. Altos Del Pinar III, Soacha Hoy. Others simply consider it as brown or blue. If you don’t feel confident because you’re unsure of the dog’s health, you can have it screened or tested by a veterinarian. W zależności od renomy hodowli oraz od samego psa – czy mocno wpasowuje się we wzorzec rasy i czy jego rodzice osiągnęli znaczące osiągnięcia na psich wystawach – koszt będzie większy lub mniejszy. When purchasing a blue merle Border Collie, only responsible breeders have their dogs and litters tested or screened. This color combination must be inherited from a parent breed with a merle gene. It may be a genetic difference, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay more when buying or adopting this breed in this particular color and pattern. Some of these merles have mismatching eyes or heterochromia, where one eye is brown, and the other is blue. The combination can make for one of the most stunning-looking and remarkable dogs on the planet. Let us know in the comments below. They still come in two coat types, smooth and rough, and they’re still not hypoallergenic. It will keep his temperament and health in check! The blue merle combination is particularly rare in Border Collie dogs. They’re extremely popular. Borders with this shade have diluted chocolate and blue base, which makes them look gray or silver. Due to this high level of approval, desire and demand, you may well find that you have to pay quite a lot more for a blue merle Collie than a regular Border Collie. They often have the white on their heads and ears, where auricular and visual defects may take place. This special ‘merle gene’ is called heterozygous (also known as homozygous) and can merely cause light-colored eyes. Unisex … The following article is designed to explore the world of blue Border Collies and enlighten anyone interested in this type of dog. You can bathe your dog once every three months or if necessary. Border Collies have an extensive range of color combinations. Hiermit biete ich meinen Wunderschönen Blue Merle Rüden zum Decken an. 12 weeks old border collie puppies looking for a good home. Des Weiteren gibt es black merle (wurde früher häufig als blue merle eingetragen), chokolate merle, slate merle, red merle (nicht im Fell sichtbar) und lilac merle. No matter the color of their fur, a Border Collie will still be exceptional when it comes to herding. Border Collie colors commonly include black with random white patches, but also consist of all colors and combinations. There is a female and 5 male fullblooded puppies ready to go for Christmas. Cena za rasowe szczeniaki mieści się w granicach 2000 – 4000 zł. Since blue merles have light-colored parts of their hair, they may be prone to tear or dirt stains. Hallo da draußen ich eine tolle Hündin aus dem A wurf suche noch ein Zuhause. Mowie is a fantastic daughter out of Our Sara and by Imported Bill. Even if these dogs look pretty, proper and ethical breeding should be followed carefully. If you decide to get a blue merle Border Collie, it may get other ailments that are related to their coat color. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the breed standard description for the Border Collie is that they are “a well-balanced dog of athletic appearance, displaying style and agility in equal measure with soundness and strength.”. Don’t judge the breed so quickly, though. Vets and dog experts recommend that all double merles are spayed or neutered to prevent their genes passing on. Wir stammen von… 24.11.20 | Preis k.A. So it’s little wonder that so many people are so taken with them. It refers to dogs who have a double merle genotype. But there is an increased risk of health issues when two blue merles mate. Their boundless energy, work ethic, and ability to learn fast are some of the top traits why many farmers believe they are invaluable breeds. A blue merle Border Collie can have faded amber, light green, or pale blue eyes partnered with their intense gaze. View more . 28.11.20 | 800,- Euro: D-37520 Osterode am Harz Niedersachsen: Border Collie Welpen. Ich suche einen border collie Welpen für Familie und Sport. Navigation überspringen . Only the most unscrupulous of breeders will consider doing so. A lot of purebred and Border Collie mixes are still waiting for their fur-ever home and family. $ 20 Soy un hermoso border collie blue merle y busco hogar. The merle pattern appears as irregular, dark-colored patches, smudges, or streaks over a diluted or lighter shade of the base coat hue. Their work ethic, ability to learn and boundless energy have proven to be such desired traits, that farmers all over the world now think of the breed as invaluable. Nightshades Border Collies specializes in intelligent, eager to please, and loving border collies. Unsere Border Collies Deckrüden. On average, they stand 18 to 22 inches (46 to 56 cm) tall and a weight that can range between 30 to 45 pounds (14 to 20 kg). Your email address will not be published. All Border Collie found here are from AKC-Registered parents. SO be prepared for that. Border collie blue merle – cena za szczeniaki. But are there drawbacks from these dogs being ‘blue’? Mein Blue merle border Collie kaboom ist richtig faul. When it comes to color, a Border Collie can come in just about any color and pattern you may find in a dog. View more . Favourite this Advert. With most most purebred Border Collies able to trace their lineage back to one stud dog, ‘Old Hemp’. See more ideas about border collie blue merle, border collie, collie. There’s a possibility to get one pup with a merle coat in a whole litter. 34346 Hann. You’re introducing a 25% chance of what’s known as a ‘double merle’ puppy. We are not an overly large Kennel and breed for … Blue merle Border Collies, as well as other Borders with different coat colors and patterns, have the same traits that this breed is known for. It’s … This shade is a combination of a sable Border Collie with another that has the merle gene. Our dogs are CEA and OFA Tested. Mum can be seen at any point, pictures of dad can be provided on request. Blue merle Border Collies are just like any other Border Collie. How to take care of a blue merle Border Collie? Wir sind im Dezember 2020 gelandet, in den Farben schwarz/weiß, merle und ee-red. For breeders to get a blue merle Border Collie, one of its parents should be carrying the merle gene. Border collie blue merle tricolor . Where I Can Get Online Clearance Deals on Agilent France Support Technique And Blue Merle Border Collie Agility Save More! Do you currently have dogs that join canine sports, this is one breed that would excel in agility rings, obedience, flyball, and more! 5 out of 5 stars (1,581) 1,581 reviews $ 4.68. Although they’re not large dogs, they aren’t suited for apartments. Puppies!!! Whether their coat is black, white or merle, it still requires regular brushing. Collie vs. Border Collie: Which is the right shepherd dog for you? They’d proactively provide health certificates before letting you pick and take home a puppy. It’s best if they get to live on a farm or ranch where they can herd livestock and help with work. The ears of the border collie are also variable — some have fully erect ears, some fully dropped ears, and others semi-erect ears (similar to those of the rough collie). The pale blue, light green or faded amber is – ironically – eye catching and rather beautiful. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Generally, getting a Border Collie breed should include hip scores and evaluation tests from an ophthalmologist. Dogsnet is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk Dogsnet is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Description of the Behaviour of Domestic Dog (Canis Familiaris) by Experienced and Inexperienced People, Retrotransposon insertion in SILV is responsible for merle patterning of the domestic dog, Inheritance of tweed, a modification of merle, in Australian shepherd dogs. Mcallen, TX. Zig's Border Collies have been around for more than 15 years. Both the rough coat and the smooth coat come in a variety of colors and patterns including, Black, White, Blue, Red Merle, Brindle, Lilac, Chocolate, Liver, Blue Merle, Sable, Sable Merle, Red, Gold. Diese Abzeichen nennt man „Tan“ (z.B. But it can also cause quite severe eye abnormalities as well. Give a hardworking Border Collie a second chance to experience the love of your family, whether it’s a blue merle, a purebred, a crossbreed, a puppy, or an adult: You can also filter out your search on sites like Petfinder. Owners of blue merle Border Collies need make no special allowances for training. The breed first came to prominence in and around the Scottish borders well over a hundred years ago now. Blue Merle Border Collie Training. Border collie blue merle. Introduce your blue merle Border to different people, places, noises, and smells. Seriously. This… Blue ist ein reinrassiger Border Collie Blue Merle. South Central Texas near San Antonio Texas, American Border Collie Association Breeder of working stock, and Agility with many colors, Red, Black, Lavender, Blue, and merle puppies, for sale near San Antonio, Border collies for sale, easy to train. Border Collie Rassehund - Wir sind bekannte Border-Collie Züchter aus Deutschland und legen viel Wert auf Gesundheit, gute Pflege und Liebe. Mit Lovell habe ich nun einen super lieben Partner für meine merle-farbigen Hündinnen und er hat bereits herrliche , kräftige Welpen gezeugt. Here’s a short video showing that even if they are visually impaired or have hearing problems, they’re still very smart. But, ultimately, Border Collies are working dogs. So they should find training fun. Some of the illnesses that are common in Borders are epilepsy, hip dysplasia, Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Both parental breeds who carry the merle gene have a 25% chance to produce a double merle Border Collie puppy. The Border Collie came to the United States in the early 1900s and was instantly a hit, especially among shepherds and farmers. Disclaimer Blue merle Border Collie rescue and adoption. And understandably so, they’re almost unbelievably gorgeous dogs. Suche einen Deckrüden Border Collie. If you’re looking into getting a Collie, you may well be considering the possibility of welcoming a blue merle Border Collie into your home. Though there are specific health problems related to the merle gene, there’s no proof that a dog’s personality correlates with the color of its coat. The word merle derives from the fact that the main hair colors are diluted overall, leaving swirls of the striking colors to run in streaks, spl… $ 1.500.000 Border collie. That said – deaf, blind and deaf and blind dogs can still lead happy lives. Do your homework on the dog, research their background and ensure you have everything they need and then make your decision accordingly. Aug 11, 2020 - Explore Michael Shayer's board "Border collie blue merle" on Pinterest. For those who are looking for more than a family companion, we have puppies that are suited for a variety of purposes. Border Collies are medium sized dogs and stand anywhere between 18 and 22 inches tall (at the shoulder). Eventually, despite some pushback from Border Collie fans, the breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1995. Rare and beautiful markings only serve to make this dog even more sought after. This is Oliver (Ollie). The Border Collie is a well balanced, medium-sized dog of athletic appearance, displaying style and agility in equal measure with soundness and strength. To get the best results from your training, be sure to start your programme as early as you can. The Blue Merle Border Collies provided by Rising Sun Farm are world class dogs that have gained international recognition for their performance. Coat-wise, there are two main varieties – smooth and rough. Not only will this gene affect the coat color, but also the nose and eyes. This isn’t exactly scientific, but while we’re discussing what merle Collies look like… Blue Border Collie puppies might just be the cutest things it’s possible to bear witness to. Call now 612-270-6890. Many are deaf and most will suffer with ocular issues. If they get used to it as a puppy, it should be a straightforward, simple and even enjoyable job as they get older. What is the best dog food for feeding Border Collies? Aside from checking medical records of the Border Collie parents and the litter, as well as visiting their environment to observe, you have to be extra cautious. From shop AmberMariePortraits. 1. And since they are little happy helpers, you can train him to do some chores. If not, a home with a securely fenced, spacious yard would work. They inspire some adorable puppy names too. Have you ever heard of the term “lethal white”? Border Collie Blue Merle Deckrüde. Gesundheitlich Top fit und fröhlich, frisst. Blue is a male Border Collie puppy for sale born on 6/22/2020, located near Louisville, Kentucky and priced for $750. Weitere Ideen zu Hunde, Border collie, Collie. Quick view Nelson Bays Closing on Wednesday, 6 Jan. Purebred Male Border Collie in Motueka $1,500 Or near offer. The American Kennel Club describes Border Collies as: ‘a well balanced dog of athletic appearance, displaying style and agility in equal measure with soundness and strength.’. £1,000 Each For Sale Border Collie Puppies. Others exceed their life expectancy and reach 17 years! So there is a slight increase in health risks with these dogs. $ 3.000.000 Border Collie Redmerle. Blue merle Borders are considered rare, but aside from that, some factors may contribute to its value, such as the breeder’s location and the dog’s pedigree. 12.12.20. Others simply consider it as brown or … Blue Merle, Red and white, black and white puppies. Fufu ist ein absoluter Hammer, ein Traum von red merle und vom Wesen … Er wurde am 12.7.2017 von Amy geboren , sein Vater war Joker , der aber verkauft wurde. El gen merle crea manchas sólidas y opacas de un color azulón. Throw into the mix that a blue merle dog is utterly captivating to look at and it’s a winning combination. The only issue you’ll likely encounter is that they are rare and popular. El border collie blue merle es un animal fascinante realmente apreciado por los aficionados a esta raza. Cerca de Piedra, Chía Hoy. Including, Merle coloring – or the gene behind it – can also be responsible for causing other medical issues too…. People tend to confuse blue merle Border Collies (or border collies in general) with Australian Shepherds because they are both herding dogs and their physical differences are few and far between. After all, that’s what they’re bred to do, and it’s in their nature. Keep your pet’s nails from splitting or cracking by trimming it every two to three weeks. They’re also fiercely intelligent and excellent working dogs. 05.02.2019 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Border Collie blue Merle “ von Barbara rathmanner. Groom your blue merle as you would any other Border Collie. The body of the average Border will be longer than it is tall, with a fairly long and low-set tail. You should be feeding your Border with the amount that is specific to his size, age, and activity level. Border Collie blue eyes are really quite captivating indeed. You will find Collies in this list of colors: Red, red merle, black, sable, sable merle, saddleback sable, white and black, white an blue, white and blue merle, white and red, white and red merle, white ticked, blue, and blue merle. Dazu können bei allen Farben noch braune Abzeichen auftreten. Collies are known to have wide, flat heads, with snouts which are roughly the same length as their skull. Border Collie Puppies for Sale at … Der Border Collie ist eine elegante, sportliche Erscheinung: Der Kopf ist hübsch, mit ausgeprägtem Stop, mäßig kurzem Fang und breit voneinander angesetzten Augen. Blue merle Border Collies vs. Australian Shepherds. Aside from the shade of the Border Collie’s coat, there’s another physical feature that the merle gene can affect. 75,1 g, Durchmesser (Zifferblatt): 3,8 cm Passend für die meisten Handgelenke von ca. Este manto, que anteriormente no era aceptado por los pastores porque aludía a su semejanza con el lobo, se debe al gen dominante M en heterocigosis, portando el color azul como dilución del color negro debido a la presencia de este gen diluyente. @Find out more Agilent France Support Technique And Blue Merle Border Collie Agility is usually the most popular items presented the foregoing 7 days. Some border collies may also have single-color coats. Do also expect quite a demanding dog that craves attention and love and may possibly suffer with a little separation anxiety when you’re not around (this is manageable, though). The color of a dog’s coat should have no bearing on your grooming regime. Overall, it can be anywhere from 10 to 14 years. Aside from the merle allele/gene and non-merle allele, there’s a third variant called cryptic merle. Have had 1st round o... December 18, 2020. We are a Border Collie Breeder, with Stud Service that produces healthy, happy, well socialized pups. Black Brangus Cattle Bulls … Der Border Collie kommt von je her in verschiedenen Varianten in Bezug auf Typ (klein, gedrungen bis größer und schlank), Felltyp (lang-, oder kurzhaarig, glatt, wellig oder lockiges Haarkleid), Ohrenhaltung (Steh- oder Stehkippohren sind erlaubt) und in vielen Fellfarben vor. As a result, the Border Collie will show patches of pigmentation throughout the body. There are pictures and information on our "Puppies for Sale" page if you would. All dogs that are bred and cared for properly are generally healthy, but they can still be susceptible to genetic health problems. But breed two merles together? The Pros And Cons Of The Halti Head Harness. But those with merle, piebald, and roan coats, blue eyes, or a white head has a noticeably higher risk for hearing problems. There really is something just mesmerising about the rare merle coloring when it comes to the classic herding breed of the Border Collie. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Are there white Border Collies, and are they rare. Die Unterwolle sollte dicht und vor allem weich sein, denn so ist der Hund mit einem wetterfesten Schutz versehen. - $900. They just take a lot more care and attention. Er hütet Schafe und läuft im Canicross. Here are quick tips to help you differentiate between the two breeds: Type of Coat: Border collies have rougher and denser coats. Er ist am 10.07.2017 Geboren, ist 52cm groß und wiegt 16 kg. Why Do Puppies Cry At Night – How To Restore The Peace, What Is A Halti? It’s also referred to as a ghost or phantom merle that appears as black or liver, with only a few areas of merle. Only the most unscrupulous of breeders will consider doing so. These include the blue merle Border Collie, sable (brown) Border Collie, red Border Collie and tricolor Border Collie. The coat doesn’t impact the dog’s ability to learn. They’re more evident as they are way lighter than blue merles. Meine Mutter ist eine...,Markiesje - Border collie (blue Merle) in Niedersachsen - Holdorf The Border Collie’s size can vary a little, with females being a bit smaller. 16,5 cm bis 20,3 cm. Keep in mind, the “blue” in these dogs are not actually a solid blue. Why Do German Shepherd Puppies Bite So Much? Why Do Puppies Wake So Early In The Morning? We have Six Border Collie Puppies for sale. Listing ID - 6a181b67-1031 Border Collie Blue Merle Dogs Classic Casual Quarzuhr Edelstahl Schwarz Lederband Uhren Armbanduhren Präzises Timing: Hochwertiges japanisches Quarz-Uhrwerk und einfach zu verstellendes Datum und Uhrzeit, silberfarbenes Edelstahlgehäuse, PU-Lederarmband. The reason behind the stunning and unique eye colors of merle dogs is simple – genetics. Privacy Policy Having a blue merle Border Collie parent doesn’t guarantee a puppy with the same color pattern. Blue Merle and red welsh border Collies. Get Pippa's free dog training tips delivered to your inbox, Your email address will not be published. Of all of these combinations, the merle is probably the least common color pattern. They appear in blue, blue merle, blue and white, red, red merle, red and white, black and white, saddleback sable, sable merle, and many more! Breed a merle with a non-merle and there’s no real danger at all. If you’re the kind of owner who has a lot of space for a Border Collie to run around, loves being active, and time to bond with the dog by teaching him tricks, then it’s the right companion for you. Out of town for weeks at a time so just can t keep him. border collie blue merle male puppy had three before but sadly all died in there teens so looking to get a new pup. 30 days ago . Favorite Add to Enamel Pin - Australian Shepherd Pin (Blue Merle Aussie) thousandskies. We can prevent passing the double merle gene by promptly neutering or spaying those dogs who have the color pattern. The pups will grow up in a family working home with 3 other dogs. You can never have enough color combinations found in the Border Collie breed.